H1570D Engine Power High-pressure Washer

Product Features:

1. F class motor overload protection and insulation

2. Double over-pressure self-rupture safety disc

3. Automatic power-off protection after water shortage

4. Widely range of application


1. Prohibited from spraying water toward the electronic control box

2. Cleaning the dirty object with safety condition

3. Wear protective clothing and the guard mask

4. Working time continuously not more than 8hours

Product Parameters:

product model:H1570D

Maximum flow rate (L/M):70

Maximum pressure (Bar/Psi):150/2175

Maximum inlet water temperature (℃):55

Diesel Power (KW) :27

Pump speed  (RPM):1450

Machine weight (Kg):420

Machine dimensions (L*W*H) (mm):1550*820*1370

Product Applications:

1. Automobile factory equipment cleaning

2. Chemical reactors and storage tank cleaning

3. Heat exchanger and condenser cleaning

4. Concrete restoration

5. Steel surface phosphorus removal in the metallurgical industry

6. Paper manufacturing factory equipment cleaning

7. Hull surface paint and rust removal.


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