• Cold Water
    High-Pressure Washer

    Removing paint and rust in, Wide range of applications.

  • Hot Water
    High-Pressure Washer

    Powerful cleaning effect on heavy oil stains on surfaces.

  • Engine Driven
    High-Pressure Washer

    No need for a power cable, making outdoor cleaning more convenient.

  • Electric
    High-Pressure Washer

    Powered by an LFP battery, Safety and environmentally friendly.



Revolutionize your energy solutions with SYCAIN's innovative and environmentally friendly offerings tailored for a diverse array of applications. Discover the perfect high-pressure cleaning machine that meets your specific requirements.

  • Efficient Cleansing: The High-Pressure Cleaning Machine as a Powerful Tool for Ship Barnacle Removal

    Using a high-pressure cleaning machine to remove barnacles from the bottom of ships is an efficient and satisfying process. This equipment swiftly cleans attached barnacles with a powerful high-pressure water flow, not only improving cleaning effectiveness but also significantly reducing manual labor. Its user-friendly operation allows for easy adaptation to various cleaning requirements, and it performs exceptionally well in harsh marine environments. In summary, the high-pressure cleaning machine provides an efficient and reliable solution for ship maintenance, helping customers effortlessly overcome the challenges posed by barnacle accumulation.

  • Innovation in Livestock Farming: Elevating Hygiene Management with High-Pressure Cleaning Machines

    As a practitioner in the livestock industry, I have personally experienced the remarkable performance of high-pressure cleaning machines in barn cleaning. Traditional cleaning methods often prove inefficient, struggling to thoroughly remove dirt and bacteria from barn surfaces, causing numerous challenges in the farming process. With the introduction of high-pressure cleaning machines, the powerful water jets swiftly and comprehensively clean the barn surfaces. This not only enhances cleaning efficiency but also significantly improves the overall hygiene conditions of the barn. The machine's flexibility ensures precise and adaptable cleaning, while its durable design guarantees stable and reliable operation in diverse environments. 

  • Outstanding Performance of High-Pressure Cleaning Machines in Factory Pipeline Clearance

    In the field of factory pipeline clearance, the application of high-pressure cleaning machines has significantly alleviated customer pain points. Traditional cleaning methods often prove inefficient, leading to increased downtime and maintenance costs. The high-pressure cleaning machine, with its powerful water flow, swiftly and effectively clears pipeline blockages, preventing unnecessary production interruptions. Its flexibility and versatility make it suitable for various pipeline and equipment cleaning tasks, enhancing cleaning precision. The durable design ensures reliable operation in industrial environments, reducing maintenance frequency and costs.

  • Efficient Solutions: High-Pressure Cleaning Machines for Rust and Paint Removal

    The application of high-pressure cleaning machines in rust and paint removal significantly addresses customer challenges. Traditional rust and paint removal processes often encounter inefficiency and labor-intensive tasks. The high-pressure cleaning machine rapidly strips away rust and coatings with powerful water jets, eliminating the need for laborious manual work and markedly improving work efficiency. Its high-pressure water flow can penetrate into every corner, ensuring comprehensive and thorough cleaning while avoiding potential environmental pollution and waste generation associated with traditional methods. This not only lightens the workload but also reduces the impact of the cleaning process on the environment. 


Outstanding Cleaning Performance:

Easily tackle stubborn dirt with the high-pressure cleaning machine, ensuring exceptional cleaning results.

Efficient and Energy-Saving:
Integrating energy-efficient technology, the high-pressure cleaning machine delivers outstanding performance while reducing energy consumption.

Versatile Application Range:
With its versatile design, the high-pressure cleaning machine is suitable for various industries, meeting diverse cleaning needs.

Flexible and Adjustable Operation:
The flexible and adjustable operation makes cleaning tasks more convenient, adapting to different environments and cleaning scenarios.

Durable and Stable Performance:
The robust and durable design ensures that the high-pressure cleaning machine maintains stable and efficient performance in various conditions.

Environmentally Friendly:
Incorporating eco-friendly technology, the high-pressure cleaning machine provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for cleaning tasks.


    SYCAIN is a China-based company that focuses on creating durable, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment.


    We are a customer-centric company that integrates technology innovation into the entire supply chain while upholding our commitment to environmental responsibility.


    Our employees prioritize teamwork and integrity, which are essential for building reliable partnerships. We are continuously moving forward, looking towards the future.




Employing meticulous engineering, exclusive techniques, advanced automation, and continuous research and development,

our pioneering production process crafts high-pressure cleaning machines with unrivaled precision, setting new standards in the industry.

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    SYCAIN is at the forefront of safety innovation in our industry, showcasing CE certifications and patented technologies for our high-pressure cleaning machines. These certifications and exclusive patents underscore our commitment to elevating safety standards, ensuring secure deployment and compliance with industry regulations.



SYCAIN can provide customized solutions according to the specific requirements of each application scenario

and optimize the product design and configuration.


As a distributor of cleaning equipment in the United States, we have observed a steady demand for high-pressure washers,Our clients, ranging from automobile workshops to manufacturing plants, appreciate the efficiency and durability of these Chinese-made cleaning machines.

In the German market, quality and precision are of utmost importance when it comes to industrial equipment. As a distributor, we have found that the high-pressure washers from this Chinese manufacturer meet the high standards of German customers. 

Brazil's growing economy has led to an increased demand for cleaning equipment in various sectors, such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. As a distributor of this Chinese manufacturer's high-pressure washers, we have found a receptive market in Brazil. 

In India, the rapid urbanization and industrial development have generated a growing need for effective cleaning solutions. As a distributor of high-pressure washers from this Chinese manufacturer, we have found a large market for these products in sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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