SYCAIN High-Pressure Washer Secures Another Overseas Order

SYCAIN has secured another overseas order for its high-pressure washer. It sold 40 units of the H5030 series to a mining company in Indonesia and signed a long-term purchase contract.
The success of this transaction is a further breakthrough for SYCAIN's high-pressure washers in the overseas market, and it bolsters the company's confidence in expanding its international reach.
It is noted that the mining company is a large-scale enterprise in Indonesia, primarily engaged in the extraction of metal minerals. The client visited SYCAIN's manufacturing factory located in Wuxi in July 2023.
After personally testing the H5030 series high-pressure washer, the reviewers praised the product for its superior performance and craftsmanship. They were particularly impressed with its high pressure, high flow rate, and corrosion resistance features, and believed that this equipment could meet the demands of various application scenarios in their mining operations, including equipment cleaning, slag cleaning, and road cleaning.
As a result, they decided to purchase 40 units of the H5030 series
high-pressure washer on the spot and signed a long-term purchase contract.
On September 13, 2023, the first batch of H5030 series high-pressure washers was produced and shipped. These washers can achieve a maximum working pressure of 500bar and a maximum flow rate of 30L/min. The product is made of stainless steel and equipped with multiple safety protection measures, making it safe and reliable to use.
The successful signing and shipment of this order is a dual recognition of the quality of SYCAIN products and our level of service. We will continue to strive towards increasing our investment in product research and development, to provide higher quality products and more comprehensive cleaning service solutions to our customers in the industry.


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